(June 2023 Clinic)

Hi Michael,

Two of my children (Sidney in Group 1 and Lucy in Group 3) have been at your rugby clinic this week and it has honestly exceeded my expectations. Right from the first email from you, when I enquired about whether my touch footy playing daughter would benefit from joining, you have put my mind at ease. Thank you for being so inclusive of the girls. The coaches in both groups have been professional, respectful, friendly and kind. Both of my children have gained so much confidence from the next gen clinic and have really enjoyed themselves. I’m so glad I signed them up. You run a great business!

Kind regards, Miranda

Hi Michael,

Malachi thoroughly enjoyed the NextGen 3 day rugby clinic and I believe he got a lot from the experience.

His favourite things were “tackling practice and playing the games” and I must say he was pretty stoked to get a ball at the end of the clinic!

The coaches were fabulous with the kids and successfully managed the various personalities of fifteen 6-8 year old boys (no small feat)!

I was particularly impressed with how seamlessly they went from one activity to the next. It was very obvious the coaches are highly professional and very well prepared.

My only feedback is that I felt on Day 3 there could have been less revisiting of the skill activities done the previous 2 days and perhaps more time spent on tackling techniques and/or other game playing/strategy.

Granted the group was varied in skill – perhaps you could consider breaking the group up and do a little more advanced game skill development with those capable/interested.

Overall a great experience for Malachi and I am sure he will be keen to be involved again in the years to come.

All the best.

Kathy Neill

Hi Mike,

Just want to thank you and your team for a fabulous 3 days. My son Reuben has enjoyed himself so much. As a boy of “few words” he has been raving about his time at your clinic.

He is so proud to wear your shirt and the Rugby ball he brought home today is invaluable! The story about the morning tea pies is great.


Nina Jamieson

Hi Michael,

Wilson rang me 10 minutes after he left the camp this afternoon, to tell me how much he loved the past three days. He also asked me if I can book him in for the next one.

As he gets a little older I would like him to do some one on one work with Next Gen as he is developing well into a halfback role. I will talk to you about that in the future.

Thanks to you and your team, and we will see you soon.

Hi Michael,

Jock had such a great time this week at the Rugby clinic, thanks very much.

Thanks again for a great few days.



I liked how the order of skills were taught i.e. ball handling which lead to tackle. The coaching staff were all friendly and helped alot with training, this it’s a a camp I’d be happy to come back to again.

Alexander Roos and Johannes Roos

Thanks guys.

My son William (9 years) loved the clinic. He loved that it was for 3 days. He loved that he was pushed harder than at other clinics. He really liked that the coaches had a high level track record and the kids were made aware of that at the start. By far the best coaching clinic that he has attended; and as a rugby addict he has been to a few.